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Top 10 Tips for Wedding Couples

By The Venerable Andrew Beane, Archdeacon of Exeter

Churches want to make sure you have the best day possible. Here are some top tips for how you can help them so they can help you.

1. Make a list.

You’re probably making loads of lists for your wedding, but it’s a great help to make one for the wedding service itself. Make a note of who is doing what for example, who is bringing items to the church, or taking flowers etc back to the reception. Lists aren’t the most exciting things - but they’re a great way to see clearly what your planning, and great to tick off when they’ve been organised!!

2. For the perfect wedding service, it’s important you pick what’s right for YOU!

Think carefully about the readings, hymns, and music and talk these over with each other, and with the vicar taking your wedding. If you need some ideas speak to family and friends about their weddings, or think back to weddings you’ve been to, and make a list of all the things you liked about the service. If possible, visit the church before your wedding so you get a feel of what it’s like. It’s important you feel comfortable, and you know the lay out. It’s also useful to look at the seating in church.

3. Ushers.

It is helpful if you provide two ushers who will welcome your guests and assist people as they arrive. Ushers should be present thirty minutes before the wedding and distribute orders of service and buttonholes. They will also escort people to their seats.

4. Someone for Bridesmaids and Page boys.

If you’re having little Bridesmaids, or Page boys, make sure they have a member of their family to sit with, or someone they know well. If they’re not used to church it can be a bit scary, especially with everyone looking at you and it’s a long time to sit still. Once they’ve walked down the aisle behind the bride, they can go to their seats. If your children are attendants, it’s a great idea to ask a member of your family to be responsible for them during the day. That way you can relax, and they can have fun entertaining other relatives.

5. Keep the Children Entertained.

Younger children can get bored easily through the service, so it’s a great idea to have something for them to do. Colouring packs are easy to make, and a great way to keep children entertained. All you need are a few colouring sheets, pencils, stickers etc. Who knows…you may even receive a unique portrait of your wedding!

6. Where are the toilet and baby changing facilities in the church?

7. Talk to the Church about Photos and Videos.

Photographs maybe taken in church before, and after the wedding Service, but in some churches not during the service. If you are having your service videoed you must speak to vicar beforehand. The grounds of around the church may also have beautiful areas for photographs. It’s always helpful to have a look around before the day to see where you might like your photos taken.

8. Car parks.

Where are people going to park? Is there an eco-form of transport your could encourage or car sharing to reduce the number of cars?

9. Biodegradable Confetti.

Confetti can be thrown in the churchyard after your wedding, but please use only biodegradable confetti, as the Churchyards are conservation areas. Other alternatives could be bubbles, or dried flower petals.

10. Relax, smile & Enjoy!

If you have any questions, or queries please get the most important thing is to ask.


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