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Leading Couples Through Their Wedding Admin

By The Reverend Tracey Voysey, Parish Administrator

The phone rings, “We were wondering if it would be possible to get married in one of your churches?” The next few moments are really important. This is probably the first contact many couples have had with a church. When I reply, I hope they feel the warmth in my voice when I say, “Let’s have a chat and see if it is possible."

As a Parish Administrator I am the first point of contact for many couples wanting to get married in one of our churches. It can be a stressful time for them – they have got the date and reception venue in their mind, and whilst they know they want to get married in church, often it can be scary making that call – what if they say no?

I’m pleased to say, we have never had to say no yet, sometimes there are some hoops to go through, but we get there in the end.

It is a real privilege to lead couples through their wedding admin and it is foremost in my mind that the impression they get of me, gives them the idea that churches are warm and friendly places and getting married in one is the right choice. I want them to go away from our first interaction feeling that we care about them and their families, not just on the wedding day, but before and afterwards.

I also say two things to them, firstly, that no question they ever think of is too silly, so ask? I have probably heard them all before. Secondly, and more importantly, that the church will be praying for them.

Sometimes the time from the first phone call to my last contact with them is a year or more, at other times it is a few months. But however long it is, what I do is really important to the couples, they only think about their wedding, quite often I am managing eight or ten. But my hope and prayer is they get married knowing the church has served them well, and that the Gospel of Love we proclaim runs through all we do for them.



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