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6 Ways to Decorate Your Church Wedding

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Each wedding service needs to feel uniquely yours, and one way to do that is by decorating! Many churches will allow you to decorate for your special day, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and what's 'allowed'. It would be best to speak to the vicar at the church (or the parish administrator or churchwarden) to find out different ways you could decorate. They may be able to share any photos or inspiration from previous weddings to help give you some ideas. They may even be able to suggest people they know who may be able to help with flower arrangements (many churches have a volunteer flower decorations team), or decorating in general if you would like some extra help.

To give you some inspiration, here are some different ways you could decorate your church ceremony.


A really simple way to decorate the church for your ceremony is by using flowers. Your flower choice can reflect and compliment your wedding colour theme, or could even be inspired by the season and time of year. Here are a few different ways you could use flowers to decorate your ceremony:

· Place flowers on the table where you will be signing the register, this will be perfect for your photos!

Alternatively, if you have a bouquet you could place this on the table when you go up to sign the register so it will be in the shots.

· Have flower stands- these can really brighten up a ceremony and be a beautiful focal point. You may want to put these at the end of the aisle, on a stage, or in the entrance of the church.

· Place smaller flowers in jars and display them on windowsills, tables or spaces.

· Tie flowers to any pew doors.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can help to create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for your ceremony. You could display these on windowsills, wrap them around pillars, or even hang them (with permission). Some churches may use fairy lights often, or at Christmas, therefore may be able to advise you where would be best to display them.


These little touches not only look lovely, but they also help guests to navigate the day, especially if they haven’t been to the church before!

- Create a ‘welcome to the wedding of…’ sign to help guests know they are at the right church, and also create a lovely, welcoming atmosphere. You could display this on an easel.

- You may want the bride and the groom’s family and friends to sit on separate sides, or you may want them to mix. Whatever your preference, you could create a sign to help direct your guests.

- You could have a sign with the bible verse reading from your ceremony on, to reflect on the celebration of love.


Ribbons are a really simple way to decorate, you could tie them to pew handles or even wind them around pillars. If the church has chairs rather than pews, you could tie ribbon sashes around them. You could choose the colour of the ribbon to match your wedding theme to help tie it all together!

Tealights, Candles & Lanterns

Tealights, lanterns and candles are a simple but effective way to decorate the church for your wedding day.It helps to create a warming, romantic atmosphere and is also budget friendly too. Put some tealights into some lanterns and dot along window sills, display candles on tables, or use lanterns down the aisle (electric ones may be safer for this!).

Children's Activities

Lots of churches have a children’s area with toys, books and craft activities. If you are likely to have young children as wedding guests, you might like to have some nice children’s craft activities out in the children’s area in case they get restless in the service. You could print off some bride and groom colouring in sheets or some wedding themed word searches, and gather some craft materials to help them create something to remember your special day It is worth talking to the vicar or someone else at the church in the run-up to your wedding day, to see what is already there and what it might be nice to bring.

If you would like to find out more about getting married in a Devon church, please email: We would love to hear from you and support you on this exciting journey.

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